Kwaja Syed Ghulam Haider Ali Shah Sahib Jalalpuri

Full Name:   Syed Ghulam Haider Ali, famous as Syed Ghulam Haider Ali Shah Badshah

Born: 1839AD in Jalalpur Sharif situated on the Western Bank of River Jehlum, near Kahwera salt mines in district Jehlum

Disciple of (Khilafat): Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Shams Uddin Sialvi (Rahmatullah)

Passed Away: 5th July 1908AD (5th Jamadi-us-Sani, 1326 Hijra)

Buried: Jalalpur Sharif

Comments: He was a renowned Sufi scholar born in a deeply religious family. He studied the Quran from a young age with many teachers, including his uncle. He completed his religious education with many renowned scholars in the area.

He was extremely pious and trustworthy and devoted his life to worshipping Allah and caring for the creation of Allah.

Mausoleum at Jalalpur Sharif

Before his father passed away, he advised him, “Lead simple, chaste and respectable life. Always remember the Supreme Authority, Allah and Sunnah (practice and preaching of Holy Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him) should be the conduct of life. Be caring and considerate to relatives and also towards the needy and poor. Be respectful to elders and loving and caring towards younger ones. Visit the shrine of Hazrat Syed Meer Shakir Shah, commonly known as Syed Miran Shakir, for spiritual guidance and strength”.

He travelled to Sial Sharif and became a devotee of Khwaja Muhammad Shams Uddin Sialvi (Rahmatullah).

He led simple, contented and pious life according to the guidelines set by the Holy Quran and Sunnah. He strived to gain knowledge and be beneficial to people. Because of his generosity, he is remembered as Gharib-Nawaz (generous to the poor). Despite his own early moderate economic conditions, he gave alms to any beggar visiting his doorstep and helped the travellers and needy, irrespective of their religion or creed.

A rare picture taken in 1900AD

Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal also wrote a quatrain indicating his high stature.

“Everyone who visits the grave of Pir Haider Shah described it as the glory of Koh-e-Toor (where Allah manifested His glory to Prophet Moses).