Maira Sharif Politics

Maira Sharif Politics

Darbar e Alyia Chistia Hadria Maira Sharif, Rawalpindi, is a (Belief-wise) Ashaari Maduridi, (Fiqh-wise Hanafi) Sufi Religious Place with no affiliations with any political party or hidden agendas.

It welcomes all who come here regardless of their affiliations and expects them to refrain from using its platform for promoting intolerance, hatred, violence and political & religious agendas.

Pir Syed Ajmal Hussain Mubashar Hamdani & Darbar e Alyia Chistia Hadria Maira Sharif, Rawalpindi is not responsible for any attendee’s personal beliefs or views.

We expect attendees to be tolerant of other attendees beliefs and views.

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