Kwaja Muhammad Shams Uddin Sialvi

Full Name:   Muhammad Shams Uddin, became famous as Shams ul-Arifeen

Born: 1799 AD (1214 AH) in the Shahpur district of Punjab (now known as the Sargodha district)

Disciple of (Khilafat): Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Sulaiman Taunsvi (Rahmatullah)

Passed Away: 4 January 1883 AD (24th of Safar 1300 A.H)

Buried: Siyal Sharif

Comments: He became the hafiz-e-Quran at the age of 7 years. He went to some of the renowned institutions to get religious education. He went as far as Kabul, where he was awarded Sand in Hadith.

The most important of his journeys was to Taunsa Sharif (Distt. Dera Ghazi Khan), where he became a devotee of Khawja Shah Suleiman Taunsvi and attained khilafat.

He performed Hajj twice. He was a loyal follower of the Quran and Sunnah. His teachings played an essential role in reviving the spirit of Islam in Muslim communities in Punjab during colonial times when Muslims were persecuted.

He established an institute for religious education where he taught various subjects. As a result, some of his students became well-known Islamic scholars in the subcontinent.

Masjid & Moseleum at Siyal Sharif

His Disciples (Khalifas):

  1. Khawja Syed Ghulam Haider Ali Shah Jalalpuri (Rahmatullah)
  2. Khawja Per Mehr Ali Shah Sahb Golra Sharif (Rahmatullah)
  3. Qazi Mian Muhammad Amjad of Naushera (Rahmatullah)
  4. Qazi Mian Ahmed Sahb (Rahmatullah)
  5. Khawja Muazam-ud-din Sahb Muazamabadi (Rahmatullah)
  6. Ameer Shah Sahb Bhervi (Rahmatullah)
  7. Khawja Syed Muhammad Saeed Shah Zanjani Lahorvi (Rahmatullah)
  8. Khawja Syed Muhammad Hasan Shah Gilani (Rahmatullah)
  9. Khawja Syed Niaz Ali Sahb Gardezi (Rahmatullah)
  10. Mirza Nawab Baig Sahb Delhvi (Rahmatullah)
  11. Mulla Khushnud Yusafzai Sahb (Kabul) (Rahmatullah)
  12. Ghareeb Niwaz Aziz-ud-Din Chacharwi (Rahmatullah)